"Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come." -Victor Hugo




IWT was formed in 1983 as a master distributor for Everpure, Inc., then the leading manufacturer of water filtration equipment for the food service industry. The company operated from a new office warehouse and was licensed as a mechanical contractor. It designed, installed and maintained water treatment systems, including reverse osmosis, which were leased to large restaurants. The first national account secured was Pizza Huts, followed by McDonalds and Marriott; large regional accounts including Litchfield Theaters, and Harris Teeter supermarkets; plus numerous local restaurants, resulting in a mixed clientele. Sales grew rapidly and reached about $200,000 in 1989, placing us 9th among 12 eastern master distributors.

Early on, IWT correctly recognized the market potential for fresh brewed, sweetened iced tea, and also foresaw the enormous profits to be made (over $3,000 in one day at one small outlet). Primitive methods were used to brew, chill, store and serve the beverage. IWT experimented with using soft drink equipment to dispense the drinks and designed a system that included a modern tea brewer to brew the tea and filtered, dried air to propel it to the dispensers. It was tested by McDonald's in two states. Patrons were pleased with the taste and managers were excited with the system but training workers to sanitize the system proved to be difficult. This was solved by automating the sanitizing task. Two patents were issued. Banks, venture capitalists, etc. would not consider providing money to develop and market TASTY TEA™ because of contracts the soft drink companies were securing giving them the exclusive right to supply beverages, and because the system was not fully proven. Manufacturers of soft drink equipment, who would have become strategic partners, felt threatened an alliance would result in boycotting by the soft drink giants.

In 2003 medical reports attesting to the health benefits from drinking tea caused tea sales to skyrocket. In 2010 tea sales increased 15.6%, the most of any ready to drink beverage. Now scientists have discovered bottled tea has lost most of its health benefits by the time it is consumed. SEE "Bottled Tea comes up short"Since many bottled tea drinkers are choosing tea for health reasons, it follows they will choose home brewed tea, which was shown to have a far higher amount of antioxidants.

When they dine out Tasty Tea™, when available, will soon become their drink of choice. People are dining out at almost the same rate as before the recession because for a two-income family, fierce competition in the restaurant industry makes it little more expensive than dining at home. Experience gained from operating our prototype over a period of years proved those who sampled the tea, preferred it, also that the machine was operationally reliable. We learned that preparing the water was essential and envisioned how advancements in water treatment, and new instrumentation to monitor and comply with EPA approved methods, could now be included. Accordingly we sought a third patent to build a more compact and completely automated system. It has been published and is pending. See the benefits page that follows.

We now need to build a prototype of the new, refined system and test it in the real marketplace to assess its commercial potential. Since capital is vital to development we are following the effects of the new "jobs" law with extreme interest.

If you have comments, suggestions, or would like to be part of our progress, please contact me anytime in complete confidence.

Phone Hal Miller at 843-552-7799 or email iwt@inwatr.com


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